How do you cite the NIV Bible in APA 7th edition?

When citing the Bible, you must cite the version of the Bible in the body of your paper and include it in your reference list. When citing the Bible, in-text citations must follow the template order given here: Template: Bible version, date of publication, book chapter and verse.

How do you cite the NIV Study Bible in APA?

The cited work should include the Bible title, version, and publication information.

  1. The following is an example of citing the print and online versions of the Bible
  2. Zondervan NIV Study Bible (K. L. Barker, ed., complete ed.
  3. English Standard Version Bible: Includes Old and New Testament exegesis.

How do you cite the Bible in APA 7th edition in-text?

Bible Dictionary

  1. Example: Sarna, N. M. (2008).
  2. In-text paraphrase: (Author’s last name, year)
  3. In-text citation: (author’s last name, year, p.)
  4. Example: Browning, W. R. F. (2009).
  5. In-text paraphrase: (Author’s last name, year)
  6. In-text citation:

How do I cite my Bible in APA?

APA In-text Scripture Citation

To quote or paraphrase a specific excerpt from the text, use the Bible’s name/version, year (remember to include the year of original publication, a slash, and the year of the version you are using), chapter Name, verse, and line.

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How do you cite religious text in APA 7th edition?

Cite the chapter or verse in the text using regular numbers, not page numbers. The person swore, “Seal me in your heart” (King James Bible, 1769/2017, Song of Solomon 8:6).

Who published the NIV Bible?

The NIV is published by Zondervan in the United States and Hodder & Stoughton in the United Kingdom. The NIV was updated in 1984 and 2011 and is the best-selling modern translation.

How do you cite an online Bible in APA?

To cite a specific passage of Scripture, omit the title of the book, followed by the chapter and verse numbers to be included in the in-text citation.

How to Cite the Bible in APA Style ” Wiki Useful formatting and examples.

APA Format Bible Version Title. (year). Publisher. URL
APA Reference Entry English Standard Version of the Bible. (2001). ESV Online. Available at

How do you in-text cite the Bible?

Citation in parentheses: the first time you refer to a Bible version in an in-text citation, use the name of the edition (italicized), followed by a comma and the abbreviated book (see the back of the handout), chapter, and verse. Use a period, not a colon, between chapter and verse: John 3.16.

How do you cite a Bible verse in-text?

Footnotes, endnotes, or quotations on parentheses:.

When citing a biblical passage, include the abbreviated name of the book, chapter number, and verse number. No page numbers. Chapters and verses are separated by colons. Examples: 1 Cor. 13:4, 15:12-19.

How do you cite a prayer in APA?

How to cite “Prayer” by Timothy Keller

  1. APA. keller, T. (2016). Prayer. Hodder Paperback.
  2. Chicago. Keller, Timothy. 2016.Prayer. London, UK: Hodder Paperback.
  3. MLA. keller, Timothy. Prayer. Hodder Paperback, 2016.

How should a reference page look APA?

APA Reference Page Format

  1. The “reference” is one inch down. Do not capitalize, bold, or italicize.
  2. References are double spaced with no additional lines between them.
  3. References that pass through the first line have a hanging indent.
  4. All references are in alphabetical order.

When did they change the NIV Bible?

Since this group has been at the wheel for the past 40 years, the NIV has seen three revisions: the original in 1978, the second in 1984, and the latest in 2011.

How many versions of NIV Bible are there?

Zondervan has released 20 new editions of the NIV, including the Thinline Bible, Adventure Bible, Bloom Collection, and several gift Bible editions.

How do I cite the ESV Study Bible in APA?

How to cite “ESV Study Bible”

  1. APA. esv Study Bible. (2008). Crossway Books.
  2. Chicago. ESV Study Bible. 2008. Wheaton, IL: Crossway Books.
  3. MLA. the ESV Study Bible. Crossway Books, 2008.

How do you write a Bible verse in an essay?

Always use quotations about Bible verses and include the book, chapter number, and verse number at the end of the quotation. Provide the name of the Bible version in the first in-text citation.

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How do you in-text cite a textbook in APA?

When using APA format, follow the author and dating instructions for the in-text citation. This means that the author’s last name and the publication year of the source should appear in the text, for example (Jones, 1998). One full reference for each source will appear in the reference list at the end of the paper.

How do I cite an ebook in APA?

To cite an eBook in a work, use the normal in-text citation format for the author’s last name and year of publication. Include the author’s last name and first initial, year of publication, italicized title of the book, and acquisition information or DOI number in the APA reference list entry.

How do I cite the book of Isaiah?

Bible title, version. Editor, publisher, year. For the first citation of the Bible in the text, include the name of the Bible version, followed by the book’s abbreviation, chapter, or verse. For subsequent references, simply include the book, chapter, and verse.

How do you cite the Book of Mormon in APA?

The Book of Mormon should be cited like any other religious text, with only in-text citations. No entries on the reference page. Your in-text citation should look like this: (Book chapter: Poems, Book of Mormon). Example: it was “precious in his sight” (Jacob 2:21, Book of Mormon).

How do you reference the Holy Bible Harvard?

Religious Texts

  1. Name of religious text (not in italics).
  2. Chapter/ Sura: Poem.
  3. Book version (if applicable).
  4. Date (in round bracket, only required if applicable to reference list).
  5. Place: Publisher.

Are references double spaced in APA 7th?

Double space in listing. Do not add additional spaces between references. Begin the first line of each reference at the left margin. Indent each subsequent five spaces (hanging indent).

How do you arrange references in APA format in word?

In the Word Document, click the Browse tab on the Ribbon. In the Citations & Bibliography group, click the arrow next to the style. Click the style you want to use for citations and sources. Click at the end of the sentence or phrase you wish to quote.

Which Bible translation is closest to the King James Version?

The Geneva Bible is one of the most historically significant translations of the Bible, predating the King James Version by 51 years.

What is the most accurate translated Bible?

The King James Version is the most widely known Bible translation in the world, using early 17th century English. Its strong and majestic style has made it a literary classic with many phrases and expressions embedded in our language.

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What Bible does the Catholic Church use?

Translation Background

The New Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition (NRSV-CE) is the Bible translation approved for use by the Catholic Church and condemned by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops in 1991.

Which version of Bible is best?

Through May 2022, the top five best-selling translations were

  • New International Version.
  • English Standard Version.
  • New Living Translation.
  • King James Version.
  • The Christian Standard Bible.

When was the New King James Bible written?

Farstad assembled a group of 130 biblical scholars, theologians, and clergymen for the task of producing a modern English version of the King James Version. The New Testament was published in 1979, a year later in verse sal, and the complete new King James Version (NKJV) in 1983.

Can I quote the Bible in my book?

To use the NIV without specific permission, you must stay within guidelines, such as 500 verses or a maximum of 25% content. Beyond that, you will need to seek permission and possibly pay royalties (or use another translation if the conditions are met).

Do you italicize Bible verses in a paper?

Chicago Style – General Guidelines

  • Books and versions of the Bible do not. Underlined. Italicized. Or put “quotation marks”
  • Names and versions of the Hebrew and Christian Bibles are capitalized.
  • Do not abbreviate Bible books in the text of your paper.

How do you cite an ebook with no page numbers in APA?

APA, 7th ed.

If your “electronic source does not have page numbers, be sure to include information that will help the reader locate the passage being cited. Heading or section name, abbreviated heading or section name, paragraph number (paragraph 1), or a combination of these.”

How DOI cite an online textbook?

Author(s) (first and last name). Title of the book. Edition (if available), publisher (if available), and year of online publication. Name of website or database, url (http:// or https://) or doi number.

How do you in text cite a textbook?

In-text citation: author page style

The MLA format follows the author page method for in-text citations. This means that the author’s last name and the page number where the quote or paraphrase is taken will appear in the text and the full reference will appear on your Works Cited page.

How do you cite a direct quote in APA 7th edition?

Quotations in Parentheses

APA 7 style uses the bracketed author and date citation method. After the citation, add parentheses containing the author’s name, year of publication, and the page number on which the quote appears. For a citation on a single page, type “P”. before the page number.

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