What happened to the church in the outsiders?


When they returned they found that the church was on fire. The cause of the fire was unknown. Some say the children were playing with matches or that it was cigarettes that Johnny and Ponyboy put out . Johnny and Ponyboy help save some school children from the burning church.

What happens at the burning church the outsiders?

Who died in the church fire in “The Outsiders?” Both Ponyboy and Johnny were injured in the church fire. Ponyboy’s injuries are not so serious, but Johnny breaks his back after a rafter falls on him, and his injuries eventually kill him.

What happened to Ponyboy and Johnny at the church?

To blend in and disguise their appearance, Johnny cuts and bleaches Ponyboy’s hair. Ponyboy cuts Johnny’s hair. Following Daly’s orders, they stay inside the church and spend time playing poker and reading aloud from Gone with the Wind.

How do they find the church the outsiders?

He tells them to take the train to Windrixville where they can hide in the abandoned church. Ponyboy and Johnny get on the train and Ponyboy falls asleep. When they reach Windrixville, they get off the train and find the church, where they fall into an exhausted sleep.

Who kills Dally?

The cops kill Dally. After Johnny dies in the hospital, Dally becomes very upset, runs away from Ponyboy, and robs the grocery store. The police chase him to a vacant lot where the greasers hang out. There, Dally pulls out an unloaded gun and threatens the police who shoot him in self-defense.

What did Dally do during the church fire?

Dally comes running and knocks Ponyboy out. His back is on fire because he carried Johnny out of the burning church.

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How did The Outsiders end?

Ponyboy tells a tragic story – a story of violence, poverty, and young people dying on the streets. Fortunately, however, The Outsiders has a happy ending, with most of Ponyboy’s major problems resolved . He is not sent to juvenile detention or prosecuted and raised.

What happened to Johnny before he could get out of the church?

What happened before Johnny left the church? A piece of wood fell from the ceiling and hit Johnny.

Who Killed Johnny in The Outsiders?

After removing everyone else from the church, including Ponyboy, Johnny was struck by the fallen wood and broke his back. Dally tries to save him by dragging him out of the church, but by the time Dally gets to him Johnny is hurt pretty badly.

Where did Dally get hurt after the church fire?

Dally is badly burned on the arm, but Johnny is in much worse condition, with a broken back and possibly severe burns . They are all considered heroes for saving the children.

Who dies in outsiders book?

At the Rumble, Greaser beats the Sox. Daly shows up in time for the fight. He escapes from the hospital. After the fight, Ponyboy and Dally rush back to see Johnny and find him dying. As Johnny dies, Dally loses control and flees the room in a frenzy.

What does Dally say after Johnny dies?

Johnny is dying and is unimpressed with Greaser’s victory over Rumble. He asks to speak to Ponyboy, who leans over to him and Johnny’s last words are, “Stay Gold, Ponyboy. Stay Gold”. When Johnny dies, Dally runs out of the room and starts running.

How many kids were in the burning church in the outsiders?

Although their teacher, Mrs. O’Bryant, did not realize it, four of her students were actually trapped inside the church . While this was happening, Dallas Winston, Johnny Cade, and Ponyboy Curtis were driving home when they passed the burning church.

Who goes into the burning church in the outsiders?

He, Johnny, and Daly entered the burning church shortly after rescuing the children who were inside. Jerry, one of the adults in charge of the children, told Ponyboy that Daly came out unharmed, but Johnny was badly burned by the falling beam . He goes on to commend the three boys for their heroism.

Why is Dally so upset after Johnny’s death?

Why is Dally so angry about Johnny’s death? Dally is very angry about Johnny’s death. Who calls Dally and what does he want? Dally says he took the grocery store and says the cops are after him.

Why did Ponyboy dye his hair but not Johnny?

Why did Ponyboy dye his hair but not Johnny? Johnny is Italian and his coloring is dark, so he looks fake with blond hair, which might give him an identity by drawing attention to himself.

Who is the killer in the outsider?

Summary of Outsiders’ Spoilers.

After the murder of Frank Peterson, Detective Ralph Anderson examines a number of witnesses. Many witnesses undoubtedly place one man at the scene of the crime. The man who was the murderer based on the evidentiary information obtained was Terry Maitland, the boys’ Little League coach.

What happens to Ponyboy after Dally dies?

What happens to Pony Boy after Daly is killed? He passes out, wakes up a few days later.

How did Dally know about the church?

Q.How did Dally know that the church would be a good hiding place? His cousin told him about it. He hid there when he was in trouble.

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What caused Johnny’s death in the outsiders?

Johnny was very innocent until he killed Bob. Johnny quickly saved many young students from the fire and suffered severe burns because he was so heroic. Due to the severe burns, Johnny would die.

What is the symbolism of greaser hair?

Grizzer’s long, sleek hair is a symbol of their gang, both to themselves and to others. When Ponyboy and Johnny cut and dye their hair while in hiding, they are taking a symbolic step outside the gang. As a result, Ponyboy feels less safe, but also gains a little space to develop his personality.

Why did Dally hit Ponyboy on the back?

Why did Darry cross behind and bump into Ponyboy? Because if Ponyboy is doing something wrong, social services will take him away, and because it is his responsibility to take care of him. When Ponyboy abandoned his last child from the burning church, the blow that fell on Johnny’s back broke his back.

Who was drowning Ponyboy?

In the scene where Ponyboy and Johnny flee the house and the group of SOC jump in the park, David is the SOC who tried to own Ponyboy in the fountain. David does not appear in the film version of The Outsiders.

Is The Outsiders a true story?

S.E. Hinton’s The Outsiders is based largely on a real-life high school drama. What you may not realize is that part of the reason The Outsiders feels so authentic is because the novel it is based on was based on real events.

Did Dally go into the burning church?

Daly pulled Johnny out of the church after he got burned, and he’s fine. But Johnny has more serious problems. He is badly burned and a beam from the church roof falls on his back, possibly breaking it. Jerry tells Pony they are heroes, but Pony says they are only hoods.

What does Ponyboy realize at the end of the book?

Ponyboy realizes that he cannot be totally naïve or totally tough. He cannot stop being a greaser to maintain his innocence or sacrifice his ideals to become an enhanced gangster. He must learn how to be like both Dally and Johnny.

Is Cherry A SOC or a Greaser?

Sherri “Cherry” Valance is an SOC girl who plays a big role in outsiders, making her a leading lady and an outsider support petitionist.

How old is Cherry Valance?

Sherri “Cherry” Valance is described as a beautiful 16 year old girl with red hair and green eyes. Ponyboy also describes her as “classy”.

Why is The Outsiders a banned book?

This book has been banned in some schools and libraries because of its depiction of gang violence, underage smoking and drinking, strong language/slang, and family dysfunction. However, in many U.S. schools, the book is part of the English curriculum at the middle or high school level.

Who gets sick and passes out after Dally dies?

6. who got sick and passed out after Dally died? Ponyboy.

How many times did Dally shoot at the police?

How many times does Dally shoot the police? Dally does not shoot the police. He threatened them with an unloaded gun and had the police shoot him. What does the nurse deliver to Ponyboy?

Does Ponyboy get sick?

Ponyboy learns that he suffered a concussion when Soc kicked him in the head during the commotion and that he had been delirious in bed for three days.

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When did the church burn down in the outsiders?

But this calm does not last long. The novel’s sixth chapter reveals a significant event: the burning of the church.

Did Dally cut himself in the outsiders?

Daly felt that his purpose in life was to protect Johnny. When he failed to do this, guilt swept over him, even if Johnny’s death was not Daly’s fault . He felt he no longer had a purpose and made the split-second decision to commit suicide at the hands of others.

What soft drink is Ponyboy addicted to?

Cards in this set

Front Back
At the beginning of the book, what book was Ponyboy reading in English class? The Great Legacy.
What soft drink is Ponyboy addicted to? Pepsi
After the church fire, which arm did Dally hurt? His left arm.
What does Dally do for a living? He put a roof on the house.

What body part did Johnny Burn?

What condition is Johnny in after the fire? Johnny has severe 3rd degree burns over much of his body. His back is broken and the doctor tells Dally and Ponyboy that if Johnny overcomes his injuries he will likely be paralyzed.

What happens at the end of The Outsiders?

Jack’s conscience finally overpowers El Coco in his head and he is bitten by a rattlesnake. He then killed himself with a rifle, but not before telling Ralph, Holly, Eunice Sabro (Yul Vasquez), and Claude Bolton (Paddy Considine): “I’m going to kill it. I’m going to kill it.”

What happened to Johnny before he could get out of the church?

What happened before Johnny left the church? A piece of wood fell from the ceiling and hit Johnny.

What were Johnny’s last words to Pony?

No fighting,” he asked to speak to Ponyboy, who leaned over to him and Johnny’s last words were, “Stay gold, Ponyboy. Stay rich.” As Johnny dies, Dally runs out of the room and starts running.

What does Dally’s death reveal about his character?

Dally died fearless, heroic, and powerful. He could not live without Johnny. Because he was the only one who understood what it was like to have no family at all. The most important thing is that they are both HEROs and Ponyboy will live on as one.

Why does Ponyboy become so sick?

Pony becomes very sick as he mourns and denies the death of his best friend. Some of his symptoms are depression, delirium, malnutrition, refusal to eat, concussion, etc.

Why has Dally robbed a grocery store?

Answer 1. after Johnny’s death, Dally has a death wish. He robs a grocery store to get the attention of the police. Dally plans to have the police kill him. Ponyboy knows he is only bluffing when he pulls his gun, but the goal is for the police to shoot back.

Who does Johnny think is a hero?

Why does Johnny consider himself a hero (p. 76)? Does Dally think he is a hero because of what he did? Johnny thinks he is a hero because if Dally didn’t give them the gun and the money, if they got into a fight, there would be nothing to fight back against to protect them.

What happens to Sally Ann in The Outsiders?

Christina Jackson: Yeah, for me, Sally Ann was left with nothing at the end of season one. She had no home, no job, no place to go. She couldn’t go back to the mountains and burned the town’s bridges.

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