Who burned down the church in the outsiders?


By killing Bob, Johnny and Ponyboy make themselves criminals; by saving the children from the burning building, they make themselves heroes. When the two boys come across a burning church against Daly, they further establish their agency and cement their independence from the old greaser.

How did the church burn down in the outsiders?

When they return, they see that the church has caught fire. It is unclear what caused the fire. Some children say it was playing games, others that it was cigarettes that Johnny and Ponyboy did not put out. Johnny and Ponyboy help save some schoolchildren from the burning church.

When did the church burn down in the outsiders?

But this calm does not last long, as chapter 6 of the novel reveals the key event: the burning of the church.

Who burned in the outsiders?

One of Daly’s arms is badly burned, but he eventually uses it fully. Johnny is in a dangerous situation. His back is broken and he suffers from third degree burns. If he lives, he will not be able to walk for the rest of his life.

Did Dally go into the burning church?

Daly pulled Johnny out of the church because of the burns, but he is fine. However, Johnny has more serious problems. He is badly burned and a beam from the church roof falls on his back, possibly breaking it. Jerry tells Pony they are heroes, but Pony says they are just hoods.

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Who kills Dally?

The cops kill Dally. After Johnny dies in the hospital, Dally gets very upset and runs away from Pony Boy and takes the grocery store. The police chase him to an empty lot, where the greasers hang out. There, Dally pulls out his unloaded gun and threatens the police. The police shoot him in self-defense.

What did Dally do during the church fire?

Dally runs and knocks out Pony Boy.

What happened when Johnny pony and Dally returned to the church?

What happens when Johnny, Pony, and Dally return to the church? Severe burns and a broken back. Dally came out with an injured arm and burns Johnny. 8.

What happened to Johnny before he could get out of the church?

What happened before Johnny slipped out of the church? Wood fell from the ceiling and struck Johnny.

Why does Ponyboy call Cherry a traitor?

Why does Ponyboy call Cherry a traitor? Because she would not visit Johnny in the hospital.

What are Johnny’s injuries?

Q. What is Johnny’s injury? A. He broke his neck and has 3rd degree burns.

How many kids were in the burning church in the outsiders?

Their teacher, Mrs. Obrandt, was not aware of it, but four of her students were actually trapped inside the church. While this was happening, Dallas Winston, Johnny Cade, and Ponyboy Curtis were returning to their home when they passed the burning church.

Why did Dally suddenly enter the burning building?

Daly entered the burning building to save Johnny. He hit Ponyboy on the back to put out the fire as it was burning. We know this because Jerry told Ponyboy when he woke up.

How did Ponyboy say Dally died?

Dally pulls out an unloaded gun but is sure to draw the cops fire. They kill him. Ponyboy knows it is a suicide mission. He reflects on both the evil and the good in Dally and concludes that Dally died recklessly but bravely.

What does Dally say when Johnny dies?

Johnny is dying, and Grizzer says, “Useless… He asks to speak with Ponyboy, and Johnny’s last words are, “Keep the gold, Ponyboy. When Johnny dies, Dally bolts from the room and runs away.

How did Johnny’s death affect Ponyboy?

Consequences of Johnny’s death

Ponyboy was emboldened by the experience when the SOCS group says something to him and he chases after them with a broken bottle. Ponyboy does not realize that Ponyboy understands that Ponyboy is “keeping the gold” after finding the note that Johnny left him.

Why is Dally so upset about Johnny’s death?

Dally is very angry about Johnny’s death. Who calls Dally and what does he want? Dally says he took the grocery store and says the cops are after him. He wants Dally to hide him.

Who was drowning Ponyboy?

In the scene where Ponyboy and Johnny flee the house and the group of SOC jump in the park, David is the SOC trying to own Ponyboy in the fountain. David does not appear in the film version of The Outsiders.

Why did Pony say he killed Bob?

Pony may believe that since he was at the scene he is equally guilty of killing Bob. Legally, he could be held partially responsible because when he and Johnny evaded the law, he was aiding and betting against a known criminal. Or he might consider himself guilty simply because he is a greaser.

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What does Johnny break while he is trying to save the children from the burning church?

Unfortunately, the news is not very good about Johnny. A burning piece of wood fell on his back, possibly breaking it, and his burns are very bad. Now Jerry tells Pony that he and his friends are heroes and that they are “brave kids who have seen long enough” (6.72).

Why does Ponyboy get sick on the fifth day at the church?

Why does Ponyboy get sick on the fifth day in church? From smoking two packs of cigarettes. What does Dally bring to Ponyboy from Sodapop?

Is Johnny dead in the outsiders?

After saving some children from a burning building, Dallas and Ponyboy suffer some injuries. But in both the novel and the movie, the character Johnny endured the worst burns. He fought for his life but ultimately died in the hospital.

How did Dally find out about the abandoned church?

Scared for their lives, Ponyboy and Johnny ran to Darry, who had experience running from the law. He gives them some money and a gun and tells them to hide out in an abandoned church outside of town.

Who is the spy Dally speaks of?

That Cherry Valance serves as a spy to shock Ponyboy and Johnny into Greaser’s, but learns that the dead SOC Bob was her boyfriend. Dally informs them that Cherry says she is willing to testify that the SOC was drunk that night and that Johnny acted only in self-defense.

How do they find the church the outsiders?

He tells them to take the train to Windrixville where they can hide in an abandoned church. Ponyboy and Johnny get on the train and Ponyboy goes to sleep. When they get to Windrixville, they jump off the train and find the church, where they collapse into an exhausted sleep.

Was Sandy pregnant in the outsiders?

History. Sodapop told Ponyboy that she was sure he would marry Sandy. But when she became pregnant, she left to go live with her grandmother in Florida.

Who did Johnny’s mother blame for the accident?

Q. At the hospital, Johnny’s mother starts screaming at Ponyboy and blames Grieser for everything that happened. Who pulls the pony out of the room? Q.

What is Ponyboy’s biggest fear?

After reading the morning paper, what is Ponyboy’s greatest fear? He is going to jail for manslaughter. That Dally will be upset that he was made to be a hero.

Why is Darry not a SOC?

Ponyboy believes that Dally could easily become an SOC. This is because the text says, “Dally is too smart to be a greaser.” (134) Furthermore, Dally is intelligent, athletic, and attractive and would have easily earned a scholarship if he were an SOC. Ponyboy, Soda, and Greaser are the only reasons Dally is not SOC.

Why does it frighten Cherry that she could fall in love with Dally?

Cherry later told Pony, “You can fall in love with Dallas Winston … I hope I never see him again. To Cherry, Dally is a kind of forbidden fruit. Being with him will anger her parents and friends, but excitement will keep Cherry alive. She craves danger and excitement.

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Who said Suddenly I realized horrified that Darry was crying in the outsiders?

On page 98, Ponyboy says that when he saw Dally, he saw Dally crying about Ponyboy. Ponyboy explains how Dally is crying.

Did Dally go into the burning church?

Daly pulled Johnny out of the church because of the burns, but he is fine. However, Johnny has more serious problems. He is badly burned and a beam from the church roof falls on his back, possibly breaking it. Jerry tells Pony they are heroes, but Pony says they are just hoods.

What caused the church fire in The Outsiders?

It is unclear what caused the fire. Some kids say it was playing at a game and some say it was cigarettes that Johnny and Ponyboy did not put out. Johnny and Ponyboy help save some school children from a burning church. As they try to leave, a piece of wood falls on Johnny, breaking his back.

What happens at the burning church the outsiders?

Who dies in the church fire in “The Outsider?” Both Ponyboy and Johnny are injured in the church fire. Ponyboy’s injuries are not so serious, but Johnny breaks his back after the rafters fall on him, and his injuries eventually kill him.

Why was Ponyboy a hero?

Ponyboy is a hero. Because he is courageous and not afraid to rescue and help people in their time of need. One of the main reasons Ponyboy is a hero is that when the school kids are stuck in a fire, Ponyboy runs to save them.

Who gets sick and passes out after Dally dies?

6. who gets sick and passes out after dally dies? Ponyboy.

Who killed who in The Outsiders?

Ponyboy regains consciousness and finds himself lying on the ground. He is next to Johnny and next to Bob’s dead body. Johnny tells Ponyboy that he (Johnny) killed Bob because SOCS beat Johnny by owning Ponyboy.

How did Johnny died?

When the boys return from dinner, the church is burning. The roof falls on Johnny, breaking his back. He is badly burned and he dies a night of mayhem with SOCS.

What did Two-Bit give Dally?

What did Two-Bit give Dally? A flying blade. 5.

What does Cherry mean when she says Bob?

5. what does Cherry mean when she says that Bob was “not just a man”? 129?Cherry means that he was not like anyone else. There was something about him that made people like him and want to be like him.

Why did Dally take Johnny’s death the hardest?

Johnny’s death was difficult for Daly to handle because he was the only person Daly cared about. Why do you think Daly wanted to die? Dally didn’t want to be alone because there was no one else in the world he cared about.

Who killed Johnny in the outsiders?

After he had driven everyone else out of the church, including Ponyboy, Johnny was attacked by a fallen timber and broke his back. Dally tries to save him by dragging him out of the church, but by the time Dally gets to him Johnny is hurt pretty badly.

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